PS295PTA is an online forum for parents & guardians of students attending PS295 in Brooklyn, along with PS 295 teachers and staff. This online group is intended for all of our community members: parents/guardians along with teachers & staff of PS 295. When applying to this group, please be sure to let the owners know who you are and your relationship to the school community (family/student name, teacher, staff, etc)


As a member of this list, you will be able to post news, questions, and other items to the community. These conversations should be related to school life, and should also be relevant to the community as a whole. For more detailed Group Guidelines and helpful information, please login to see the Guidelines (also included in the email you received when joining).

We now have subgroups! 

Please note that this group is different from the email newsletter (aka MailChimp) which we use to send the Bulletin and event info. This group is a forum for our community to have conversations and discuss issues, whereas the newsletter is simply news sent to your inbox. To subscribe to the newsletter, please send an email to to request. 

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